About Us


The CMBTC, Central Minnesota Building Trades Council, exists to provide support for unionized workers in the construction industry of central Minnesota. Our goal at CMBTC is to promote growth and development of construction trade unions to ensure a safe, fulfilling, working environment for tradesmen and women in central Minnesota. A strong sense of support for and between unions and union workers allows trade unions to have a real, strong, presence in their community and government at both a local and national level.


y working together with other local unions in central Minnesota, tradesmen and women benefit in terms of safety, economics, and, representation.

CMBTC strives to develop fair and meaningful labor management cooperatives. We work to achieve justice and representation in the workplace, as well as to negotiate fair labor agreements for all parties involved. We work to develop safe working practices to reduce injuries to tradesmen and women and their clients, and apprentices. To foster better safety practices, the CMBTC organizes safety training programs and materials to distribute throughout our area. We also work to promote our industry at local, state, and federal levels in order to benefit all of our members and affiliates. Participating in legislative activities that pertain to the building and construction trades unions and their members is another important aspect of the CMBTC. We support legislative measures that protect and promote the trade unions, and benefit our members.

Membership to CMBTU is open to tradesmen and women throughout the central Minnesota area. Please fill out the form on our Contact Us page, or call 320.224.5578 for more information or to join CMBTU.